Utta Bavaria

ZB-Nr.192807, ZR 260/04

DGStB # 55662

VJP-76 HZP-190 VGP I/329ÜF


SG (11) SG (10)


Blood tested clear vWD


Utta has had 11 pups test in VJP to date with the average score being 70.6



Stop to flush on a snipe



Down after the flush of a willow ptarmigan



Utta is a super dog with a super temperament. She hunts very hard and is always in contact. Her first wild bird contact in Newfoundland was a 6 min point on a rough grouse. Utta received a 4H in pointing during her VGP.  Below is a picture of Utta with Reimund and I while Reimund was here in the fall of 2007 for a Ptarmigan hunt.


Below you will find a couple of pictures of Utta in Germany with her previous owner and trainer Reimund Beumer.

Reimund is a great trainer and holds training clinics for other handlers.

This first picture is of him and Utta with a Trophy for the Highest scoring dog in the VJP...... Utta scored 76.

Reimund is a member of the VDD group Osnabrück and he has won the VJP in

2003 with "Debbel vom Strohdamm" with 75 Pt.
2004 with "Elfi vom Strohdamm" with 76 Pt.
2005 with "Utta Bavaria" with 76 Pt.,
The trophy is now his to keep!!!
All the Dogs are descendents of "Ilka Bavaria" from the DD  kennel "Bavaria" owned by August Baumgartner
Utta is the very best descendent of Ilka Bavaria



A training Picture of Reimund and Utta



I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to Reimund for the opportunity to own such a fine Drahthaar and add her to my breeding program!!!